intro to shakespeare: fall 2004

The site’s not quite ready for primetime, but tonight I’ve been working on a page for the Shakespeare course that I mentioned over on Palimpsest.

Watch this space for more thoughts about the course to be posted.

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2 thoughts on “intro to shakespeare: fall 2004

  1. What a great line up – particularly the films that augment the plays.
    Will you have students read aloud/perform specific scenes as well?

  2. Thanks, Weez!
    The first time I taught this course I did that, and in general I think it’s a good idea. I required each group to perform a brief scene (no more than 5 minutes) in two different ways, altering such elements as blocking, delivery of dialogue, or costuming to explore how performance affects (or constitutes) meaning. It was okay, but not great. The students did a good job and enjoyed the process, but I’m unsure of how much they learned from it … Still pondering…

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