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Yes, I love my PowerBook. But I have a directory full of OpenOffice Writer files (currently transferring wirelessly from my Win2k machine) that I want to be able to read and edit on my new machine. However, I can’t get the program to run yet. *sigh*

There are a bunch of pages out there on the web dealing with this issue, but I can’t seem to resolve it. My next step is to see if it’s possible to batch-process all the files into something like *.rtf or *.doc.

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5 thoughts on “openoffice on the mac

  1. Unless you have MacLink Plus (well worth the money), I think the best you’re going to be able to manage is to drag all the files you want to convert onto text-edit and have it open them up, then save them all wherever you want. This will NOT retain headers and footers.

  2. This should be very easy. I finally got my iMac fixed yesterday and had X and OO running in about 30 minutes. Almost all that time was spent downloading the files. It runs slick as can be.
    Or am I not reading what you wrote correctly?

  3. Well, after some email back and forth with Randy (read his TrackBacked entry above), I figured out what my problem was: I needed to go into the preferences of the “Start OpenOffice” application and change the “Preferred Xwindow Server” to Now it works like a charm. I had tried something else earlier, which meant that another Xwindow server was selected, but if you follow Randy’s directions from scratch, I don’t think you’ll have any problems.
    Thanks, also, to Parrish and Scott for their suggestions.

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