revisiting the task list

Okay, checking in:

  • The tattoo is done;
  • I bought the 12″ laptop, but I got the PowerBook rather than the iBook;
  • I bought my plane ticket to England; booked my accommodations in Manchester, London, and Lyon (still need to buy plane ticket from London to Lyon); applied for a reader’s card at the British Library; and registered for SHARP 2004;
  • I have Drupal and MediaWiki running on my laptop, and I’m learning the ins and outs; sometime before summer is over I should have both running online;
  • I’ve talked over the Lit Out Loud / Poetry Blam idea with a colleague or two, who seem enthusiastic about it; by the end of summer something should be online and running;
  • I submitted my part of the budget for the Honors Program; we’ve reserved a space for the honors conference next year; and I went to an orientation program regarding Academic Service Learning;
  • Reading: The Methodist Conference in America; Rethinking Media Change: the Aesthetics of Transition; re-reading Britons: Forging the Nation, 1707-1837.

Geez, that seems like a lot. Why does it feel like I’m spinning my wheels? So much more to do, still.

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