costume party

London, England: Near Waterloo station. They were confused as to why I wanted to take a picture, but they were both just dead sexy in their costumes. He just looks a bit puzzled, perhaps, but she’s working that costume: look at what she’s doing with her left leg.

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3 thoughts on “costume party

  1. I think this is rather appropriate:
    “I asked where to find you and was told, ‘Our Mrs. Peel is in ladies’ underwear.’ I rattled up the stairs three at a time.”

  2. Yeah. I don’t know when all these comics came out, or what they were wearing at the time, but I still see Emma Peel influences all over. Maybe it is just me though.
    BTW, the writers came up with the character name by making a notation that the character should have masculine appeal. Someone wrote “M Appeal” down, and the name stuck. Just a little bit of Avengers trivia for ya….

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