sonic youth at the blue note

Sonic Youth were great last night. It’s impressive that a band known for such aural chaos can achieve such a clear sound live. A set list of the 2004 tour is being updated online, but here is what I remember from last night:

  • Unmade Bed
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Mariah Carey and the Arthur Doyle Handcream
  • Dude Ranch Nurse
  • Schizophrenia
  • Mote
  • Rain on Tin
  • Paper Cup Exit
  • Sugar Kane
  • Kool Thing

I’ve created an iTune iMix of these songs, if you want to sample or purchase any of them. I know they played a few more than this, but I can’t remember them. “Schizophrenia,” “Mote,” and “Kool Thing” were the big crowd pleasers. Surprisingly, they did not play anything off of Daydream Nation. However, I left at midnight after only one encore in order to start my two-hour drive home, so it’s possible they came back on for more.

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