london to newark

A quick post from the Newark airport, where I’m en route to KC. Last week I met Miriam from ScribblingWoman at the Starbucks (I know, I know) across the street from the British Library, and she has a brief entry on the meetup. It was great to meet her, and as she says, there’s a strange kind of familiarity that comes from talking with someone whose life story you’ve been reading for a few months.

I have a backlog of information to share, dear reader, and a whole mess of photos, but that will have to wait for now because we are about to board. Look for more over the weekend. I see Sonic Youth this Saturday in Columbia, Missouri, and I’m quite happy about that fact.


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10 thoughts on “london to newark

  1. Welcome back, George. Looking forward to your narratives about your travels. Also looking forward to hearing about the Sonic Youth concert. I’ve liked what I’ve heard off their new CD.

  2. I know, Starbucks … My (British) cousin, with whom I was staying, waxed hilarious on our choice of meeting place. Though he did say, George, that you looked hip, and he is a London dj so he should know.

  3. Hiya George. Of course I had to test the Google thing, and you were right: You’re #1!
    Nice meeting you at SHARP. Looking forward to reading your comments about it.

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