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I think I have a name/theme for the composition course: “American Dialogues.” In browsing through various political blogs to list for my students this fall, I discovered that Katherine Allen will be contributing to Blog for America, “posting commentary on the politics of language.” This might prove interesting, but no details of Allen’s background are easily accessible, aside from the explanation that she works for the Rockridge Institute. Anyone know?

In her first post, Allen references two potentially useful sources: both Deborah Tannen’s article “Let Them Eat Words” and the book Moral Politics by George Lakoff. (Update: Excerpt from Lakoff’s book.)

The following is a preliminary list of blogs in no particular order (I’m sure it will grow). Thanks to everyone who has made suggestions. Keep ’em coming, if you have more.

More on media critique sites and sources in a later post. I’ll certainly point students to Andy Cline.

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6 thoughts on “american dialogues

  1. New Bush Campaign Advertisement

    Like George, I’ll be teaching an election theme in my freshman composition course this fall, and his recent collection of some prominent political weblogs should be very helpful for me as I set up my course blog (note: I’ve been…

  2. In terms of speeches, you might focus on Edward’s “Two Americas” speech delivered right before the Iowa caucus. Clearly the theme has carried over into the election and the speech is quite well done.

  3. Jason, I’m hoping to find MP3s of speeches, including that one. You can download the Democratic national convention for free from iTunes, for example.
    Chuck, thanks for the suggestion; consider him added.

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