i got your atkins diet right here

Here’s another entry in an occasional series of distributed cookbooks. Now this is what I call comfort food! Simple and yummy:

Macaroni & Cheese

  • One cup elbow macaroni.
  • One cup shredded cheddar cheese.
  • One cup milk.
  • Butter, salt, pepper, paprika.

Directions: Boil the macaroni until tender. Butter a small baking dish. Make three layers of macaroni and cheese (noodles, then cheese, then noodles, then cheese, then noodles, then cheese). Salt and pepper at each layer, too. Paprika on top. Pour in the cup of milk. Bake at 375 degrees F for 45 minutes.

What’s your favorite comfort food? Post an entry to your blog and send a trackback my way.

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8 thoughts on “i got your atkins diet right here

  1. Comfort food.

    I’m afraid my entry into the distributed cookbook will be somewhat disappointing for George, since it’s… well, it’s miso soup….

  2. That’s easy. Mashed potatoes (made with proper butter). Preferably with some fat juicy sausages and onion gravy. Feel that cholesterol, baby.

  3. Thanks, Vika & Sharon.
    Miriam, it took me a minute to figure out that “KD” means “Kraft Dinner.” I think that’s a Canadian expression: do two Google searches on “macaroni and cheese”, one with “kd” and one with “kraft.” Then compare the results. Weird, huh?
    I have to admit, though, that I’m not a bit fan of Kraft (or KD) mac & cheese, but I also know that most people are.

  4. Comfort Foods

    George put out a call for comfort food.
    Iíve got a couple.
    On the road, at the nth hour…Dunkiní Doughnuts coffee. Iced in the summer, hot when itís below 70 degrees. No sugar. Lots of cream.
    Winter mornings…grits, with whole milk, butter a…

  5. comfort food

    I couldn’t resist. As a runner and no-fat vegan-leaning generation, the atkins diet and other no-carb trends really confound me. So George H. Williams’ post from a few days back (i got your atkins diet right here) caught my attention.

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