my fall 2004 courses

On the off chance that you, dear reader, are one of my students, I would like to invite you to sign up for my classes this fall:

  • English 350: Introduction to the Novel
  • English 433/533: Histories of Writing, Reading, and Publishing

I only have 2 students signed up for the first class and 4 for the second. Both were relatively late additions to the course calendar, which explains why registration has been slow (or else I have cooties). I had been scheduled to teach Shakespeare, but that class (which filled up with many former students of mine) is now being taught by one of my colleagues.

You can read descriptions of these courses on my homepage.

Update, August 6: Well, my English 350 has been cancelled. Instead, I’ll be teaching English 225: Composition II, First Blood.

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2 thoughts on “my fall 2004 courses

  1. Can’t speak to the Novel class, but ENG 433 was a long time coming to the online class schedule. I kept checking to see when it would be offered. Sadly, it’s at the same time as journalism w/ Unger (which counts for my minor), or I’d take it just for fun.

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