new kids on the block

“When the devil came, he was not red. He was chrome, and he said, Come with me.” – Wilco, “Hell is Chrome” [listen online]

Wow. While I wasn’t paying attention, a bunch of new academic blogs sprang up over the summer months:

  • This Academic Life: “Academia als Beruf,” or, an occasional record of the various aspects of my life as an academic.
  • Bitch Ph.D.
  • The Chronicles of Dr. Crazy: Thinking for a living is serious business.
  • The Cul de Sac: Living the Burbs, Where the Margin is the Center The Center, the Margin and Everyone wants to live on a road going nowhere.
  • Professor Dyke: A Writer and Professor Talks Smack About Writing, Publishing, Teaching, Misadventures on the Tenure Track, and the Perils of Being the Only Single, Non-Student Dyke in Smalltown-Collegeville
  • Eudaemonia’s Horizon: A light-hearted romp through life, love & philosophy at the bottom of the atmosphere…
  • In Favor of Thinking: life in academia, yoga, movies, books, ideas, general rants …
  • Just Tenured: A recently tenured associate professor at Little-Known U rediscovers life in academia and beyond. Is there light at the end of the tenure-tunnel? Where am I going and what am I doing?
  • New Kid on the Hallway: Negotiating a new job and a long distance marriage, while trying to avoid the bullies and hang out with the cool kids on the academic playground.
  • No Fancy Name: No fancy description. I’m really quite boring, not creative at all. I also can’t match my socks.
  • Playing School, Irreverently: Whee! Adventures on the tenure track … and beyond.
    All aboard!

I’m not caffeinated enough to have anything to say about all this, yet, but you might find interesting the recent (and perhaps unfinished) conversation about identity and blogging. As Chuck speculates, maybe this time of year encourages such reflections.

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11 thoughts on “new kids on the block

  1. While I appreciate the link, I most certainly am not an academic blogger. I am just a geek who blogs, and I happen to go to school. The folks on the list above are true academics, who muse on scholarly things. I’m only a random person with a computer who happens to use words like “lest” and struggles with reading Middlemarch. :)

  2. “I most certainly am not an academic blogger. I am just a geek who blogs, and I happen to go to school.” JM, I think you have an elevated expectation of the requirements to enter the “academic blogging” club.
    Another (new to me) find: Sharleen Mondal

  3. JM: I “muse on scholarly things”?? You must not have been reading my blog.
    No, kidding. Scholarship plus crazy personal shit plus bitching.
    George, thanks for the link. I am honored, actually, because I have admired your particular take on academic blogging for some time now.

  4. I forgot Scrivenings: “I’m an ABD graduate student in English who’s spent the last few years teaching way too many classes, so I recently quit so I can finish that damned dissertation, and more importantly so I can spend more time raising my two small daughters (ages 3 & 1).”

  5. Thanks for the link. I need to rewrite that profile entry now that I’m no longer an outta work academic and I’m back to teaching too many classes (as opposed to way too many, thank goodness). As of a couple of months ago, I had no idea there were so many bloggers writing about pedagogy and other academic matters–I cut my blogging teeth on politics, politics, politics (and a few blawgs via my wife). I still do a lot of political blogging, but I feel like I’m discovering not only a new resource but a whole new community out there in the blogosphere. Thanks for this listing of other academic blogs too.

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