american dialogues: i think i have a syllabus

Here you go. Man, it takes longer than you’d think. My course is based mostly on the freshman writing program at the University of Maryland. Further details to follow, as I have time.

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One thought on “american dialogues: i think i have a syllabus

  1. Well, there will be more flesh to the class, but that’s basically the skeleton and the, er, muscle. I will assign current readings as news stories break and commentators commentate, but I also have some things in the pantry, ready to be stuck in the oven. How’s that for mixing metaphors? Sweeney Todd, anyone?
    For example, I think this comment thread at Critical Mass will prove useful. The whole “War Against Boys” issue should provide a good example of a topic upon which a great deal of rhetorical energy has been expended. O’Connor links to an interesting Salon article that lays out the issues and the players.
    And just to be clear: the point of such reading material, for the class, is not that students need to come to terms with how boys and girls learn. Rather, students will observe and evaluate what rhetorical strategies different contenders use in such a public debate.
    More details about this class and its critical framework will appear here as I continue to make public what English professors do (or at least this English professor).

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