18th-C British Religious Periodicals

Making my work public, dear reader, I provide for your reading pleasure a couple of questions I’ve just posted to c18-L, the email discussion group for eighteenth-century studies:

Dear Colleagues:
I have a couple of questions I’m hoping you might help me with.
First, there’s a microfiche series I can’t seem to get my hands on here in Kansas City. Published by IDC, it’s called “The People Called Methodists.” I’ve looked at parts of it in Emory University’s Pitts Theology Library, but I’d like to be able to request it via Inter-Library Loan to my university’s library. The database Worldcat does not list the materials that I know exist at Pitts, so I’m assuming that these materials are available elsewhere but not listed on Worldcat. I am hoping that the collective power of C18-L might inform me of hidden caches of this series, or advise me on how to locate said caches. Are there other databases I should consult? Emails to IDC have gone unanswered.
Second, I’m trying to get a sense of how much eighteenth-century British magazine publishing was devoted to religious topics. I spent this afternoon combing through part 5.II (Prose > Periodical publications) of volume 2 the New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature looking for magazines with a decidedly religious orientation. I’ve included the results below. Potential problems with this approach include overlooking those religious periodicals that did not have a title signalling the nature of their content. Is there a standard scholarly treatment of periodical publishing in eighteenth-century Britain (religious or otherwise)? Are you aware of British religious magazines from the period other than the ones listed below?
Thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide.
George H. Williams
Assistant Professor of English
University of Missouri-Kansas City
Kansas City, MO 64110
IM (AOL/MSN): ghwumkc
NCBEL (columns in parentheses)
-={II. Periodical Publications}=-
={D. Magazines, Miscellanies, Learned Journals and Reviews Published in London 1660-1800.-}=
The new magazine or knowledge: concerning heaven and hell, and the universal world of nature. Vol 1, April 1760-Dec 1760. (1303)
The Christian’s magazine: or a treasury of divine knowledge. Ed W. Dodd. No 1, May 1760-vol 8, 1767. (1303)
The spiritual magazine: or the Christian’s grand treasure. 1760-. Merged with the Gospel magazine, 1784. (1303)
The Protestant’s Magazine. No 1, Feb 1761. (1303)
The gospel magazine: or treasury of divine knowledge. Ed A.M. Toplady. No 1, Jan 1774-Jan 1784. Merged with Spiritual Magazine. (1305)
The cathedral magazine: or divine harmony. No 1, April 1774-no 12, March 1776-? (1305)
The Arminian magazine: consisting of extracts and original translations on universal redemptions. Ed J. Wesley et al. No 1, Jan 1778-. Continued as Methodist magazine, Jan 1798-. (1305)
The gospel magazine and moral miscellany. No 1, Jan 1779-? (1306)
The Protestant magazine. No 1, March 1780-no 6, Dec 1780-no 3, 1783. (1306)
The new Christian’s magazine: being an universal repository of divine knowledge. No 1, Oct 1782-no 50 [1786] (1307)
The new spiritual magazine: or evangelical treasure of experimental religion. No 1, July 1783-no 60, Dec 1785. (1307)
The theological miscellany, and review of books on religious subject. Ed C. de Coetlogon. No 1, Jan 1784-Dec 1789. (1307)
The Christian’s magazine: or gospel repository. Ed J. Priestley. 1790-2. (1309)
The new magazine of knowledge concerning heaven and hell and the universal world of nature. Vol 1 no 1, April 1790-vol 2 no 20, Oct 1791. (1309)
The Christian miscellany: or religious and moral magazine. No 1, Jan 1792-no 8, Aug 1792. (1309)
The evangelical magazine. Ed T. Williams, M. Wilks. No 1, July 1793- (1310)
The Protestant dissenter’s magazine. 1794-9. (1310)
The gospel magazine and theological review. Ed W. Row. 1796-. (1311)
The Methodist magazine. 1796-. (1311)
The general Baptist magazine. Ed D. Taylor. 1798-1800. (1312)
={I. Periodical publications: English provinces}=
{(3) Magazines and miscellanies}
Birmingham: The theological repository: consisting of original essays, hints, queries etc, by J. Priestley. Vol 1 1769-vol 6 1788. Vol 1 rptd 1773; vol 2 1770; vols 1-2 1795; vol 3 1795. (1349)
Bristol: Zion’s trumpet: a theological miscellany, by a society of gentlemen. June 1798-. (1349)
Leeds: The Methodist monitor: or moral and religious repository. Ed A. Kilham. Vol 1 no 1 [1796]-vol 2 no 18 [1797] (1350)
Leeds: The Methodist Magazine: or evangelical repository. 1798. (1350)
Newcastle: The evangelical magazine: or Christian Library. No 1 3 Aug 1780-78[sic] (1351)
Newcastle: The Protestant packet: or British monitor. Ed J Murray. No 1 4 Aug 1780-vol 2 no 27 18 May 1781. (1351)
={J. Scotland}=
{(3) Magazines, Miscellanies, Learned Journals and Reviews}
Edinburgh: The Christian monthly history: or an account of the revival and progress of religion, abroad and at home. Ed J. Robe. No 1, Nov 1743-no 10, Jan 1746. (1371)
Edinburgh: The religious magazine: or Christian’s storehouse. No 1, July 1760-no 2, Aug 1760. (1371)
Edinburgh: The missionary magazine. Ed G. Ewing. Vol 1 no 1, 18 July 1796-. (1373)
Edinburgh: The Christian magazine: or evangelical repository. No 1, 6 1797. (1373)
Edinburgh: The Edinburgh quarterly magazine: intended to promote the knowledge, belief and influence of divine revelation. No 1, 31 March 1798-28 June 1800. (1373)
Glasgow: Exhortation to the inhabitants of the south parish of Glasgow, by J. Gillies. No 1, 26 Sept 1750-no 21, 10 April 1751. (1377)
={K. Ireland}=
{(3) Magazines, Miscellanies, Learned Journals and Reviews}
The olio: or anything Arian magazine. 1800. (1380)

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