here’s the panel i’ll be on…

…at ASECS 2005:

Panel Title:ÝÝ Between Anachronism and Antiquarianism: 18th-Century
Experiences and 21st-Century Interpretations
Chair:Ý Jeffrey S. Ravel, MIT
Paper 1: Kevin Berland, Pennsylvania State University , “The Author vs. the Archive: Historiographical Problems in William Byrd’s Dividing Line Histories”
Paper 2: Carol Martin, Texas State University-San Marcos , “From Fascinated Gaze to Fetishistic Construction: A Reading of Antiquarianism and Anachronism in the Context of 18th Century Studies”
Paper 3: Downing Thomas, University of Iowa , “Staging Early French Opera”
Paper 4: George H. Williams, University of Missouri-Kansas City , “Rewriting Religious History: the Case of Methodism”

I’m still putting waiting to hear from those I’ve accepted for the panel I’m chairing, so I can’t post those titles yet, but it looks like it’s going to have some great papers. Info to come later.

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