creativity and collaboration

Blogging enriches my life.

Note, something weird is going on with the links in this entry. I’m not sure why, but Safari did something to them when I was editing… I’ll try to fix later.

Exhibit A: I had a few drinks with some KC Bloggers on Thursday night: M. Toast, Patrick, Joe, Jen, Eric, and two other folks who either don’t blog, or whose blogs aren’t listed on KC Bloggers, so I won’t mention them by name. We talked about music, good books read recently, and computers.

Exhibit B: I ran into my favorite local comic artist, Parrish, at Muddy’s Coffee yesterday morning, and we talked for about ten minutes on the magical creature known as cat. The only way I know Parrish (and Bonnie, who works at Muddy’s) is through his blog (and through his comic “Sparrow’s Fall”). This was the first somewhat extended conversation we’ve ever had, and yet I felt like I already sort of knew him, and had a sense of his personality.

Exhibit C: I’ve never met Weez, except through our blogs. We IM from time. She’s recording blog entries as audio posts, and I’ve remixed one of them with music (MP3, about 2M).

I feel like I’m finally finding a voice. I love my job. But my life is much larger than my job.

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4 thoughts on “creativity and collaboration

  1. I’m on it. :)
    Ya think you could narrow the choice of Shakespeare sonnet a tad? I recorded a few this morning in the precious silence of prechildren awakening. (XV, XVIII, CXXX…)
    After some minor edits, I’ll post them and send a directory to you.
    Goblin Market…:D fun.

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