backdoor draft

“Is there any relief that can be offered to these people and their families?”

Kerry: “This is a reflection of the bad judgment this president has exercised…Our military is overextended…I’ve proposed adding two active duty divisions” And special forces to take the pressure off the National Guard and the Reserve. Returns to a common theme: “America is strongest when we are working with real alliances.” Emphasizes the cost of the war and finishes with a reference to Bush “taking his eye off Osama Bin Laden.”

Bush: The best way to provide relief for our troops is to succeed in Iraq. Poeple I’ve talked to, their spirits were high. They didn’t feel their service was a back door draft: they felt it was an opportunity to serve their country. Turns to his recurrent point about American independence: we should not have to ask permission of other countries. Argues that this is Kerry’s position.

Really? No soldier told you that they thought you were doing a bad job? I wonder why.

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