bush on education

When asked about the minimum wage, Bush starts talking about the No Child Left Behind Act, emphasizing the importance of standards, and never addresses the question. Two responses:

  1. So…the reason people don’t earn more money is because they are stupid?
  2. Ixnay on the andardstay. People know about your record in school.

He quotes someone saying, “Reading is the new civil right.” Mr. President, why don’t you exercise your civil rights?

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One thought on “bush on education

  1. From CNN:

    Campaigning in a swing county in Iowa that he lost four years ago, President Bush criticized Sen. John Kerry on education and jobs Friday, saying the Democrat fails to understand the connection between the two.

    “In the final debate I talked about the vital link between education and jobs; the senator didn’t seem to get it,” Bush told thousands of supporters in the heart of the biggest media market in Iowa that covers some 30 counties in the eastern part of the state.

    Bush said good jobs begin with education and that Kerry “failed to recognize the changing realities of today’s world and the need for reform.”

    So here’s the assertion: “People are losing jobs because their education is not what it should be.” Where’s the supporting argument? Granted, perhaps elsewhere Bush has gone into detail to support this assertion, but if so, I haven’t heard about it (and I welcome links to this information, if it exists).

    Why do I find the Bush campaign’s emphasis upon education unconvincing? Here’s one reason: I believe outsourcing is a problem. I do not believe corporations are outsourcing jobs because they cannot find qualified workers here in America; I believe they are outsourcing jobs because they can find people to do the same work for less money in other countries. Mr. President, persuade me that this is not the case; persuade me that improving education will solve this problem.

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