happy halloween!

Last night we went to the first honest-to-goodness Halloween party we’ve attended in well over a decade and did not get home until about 2:30. Alcohol was consumed. Dance moves were executed. Cats hid under beds. Is it just me, or are the costumes available for purchase or rental much, much better than they used to be? I can remember, as a child, being disappointed that most of the available costumes were simply a crinkly polyester jumpsuit with a picture on the chest of who you were supposed to be. Even then, I knew that made no sense.

There were many inspired costumes last night, including…

  • Guinivere
  • Cookie Monster
  • Jackie Onassis Kennedy with a bloody skirt
  • Yasser Arafat
  • A wolf
  • A black lab
  • Beck
  • Various gothic princesses/sorceresses
  • A bloke in a kilt
  • A billionaire for Bush
  • A pirate
  • Fonzie-modo

I have pix, but I’m saving them for blackmail purposes.

I’ll give you three hints as to my costume:

  • I did not have a hit in the ’80s with “White Wedding.”
  • I used to write really bad poetry.
  • My girlfriend is a high school student who likes to carry a wooden stake.
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5 thoughts on “happy halloween!

  1. Were you … Spike?
    Although, to be clear, Spike and Buffy were not an item until post-graduation…
    Jason (who went as a Buffy Loremaster)

  2. See, I was going to say “you went as William the Bloody??” and then question the dating timeline too, but then I started questioning my own memory. :)

  3. Yes, those are the kinds of old costumes I’m talking about, Randy! Exactly!
    And yes, Jason and JM, I went as Spike, a.k.a. “William the Bloody.” A pic will be available soon, I hope. 75 cents for plastic vampire teeth, and $20 for a vintage leather jacket. As a vegetarian, I’m still trying to work out the ethics of buying a used leather jacket…

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