reading, writing, and race in kansas city

I’ll be teaching English 225 again in the Spring, an Honors Program section with an Academic Service Learning component.


I intend to focus the class on Kansas City history with special attention placed upon race and neighborhoods. Students will fulfill their ASL requirements by taking oral histories from current and former residents of the neighborhood(s) bounded by 49th Street, 63rd, the Paseo, and Oak Street. I don’t yet have a full syllabus or a description, but I’ll use my blog as a placeholder for relevant links as I work on the course design.

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7 thoughts on “reading, writing, and race in kansas city

  1. This sounds like a cool project, George. I’ve thought about doing something similar about Atlanta with my English 1101 or 1102 courses at Tech.

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    Inspired by George’s discussion of his planned course for Spring 2005, I’ve begun thinking about what I’ll be teaching next semester in my English 1102 freshman composition classes. Right now, I’m thinking about focusing the class on documentary film. …

  3. Thanks, y’all! I hope the class ends up being as interesting as it sounds. The oral histories component is part of a larger project involving several other campus and community people, but I’d like to embed that project in a larger field of information.

  4. Worley, William. J.C. Nichols and the Shaping of Kansas City: Innovation in Planned Residential Communities
    University of Missouri Press
    ISBN: 0826209262

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