2004 election

So tomorrow’s the big day. We plan to hop out of bed first thing and walk down the street to our polling place. I have to admit to being nervous. This will be my fourth fifth presidential election (I just barely missed 1984), and it seems like more is at stake in this presidential election than in the previous three four. The world cannot afford another four years of the Bush adminstration’s lethal cocktail of myopia, arrogance, dishonesty, and incompetence.

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3 thoughts on “2004 election

  1. My 5th one too – I was 6 months too young to vote for Mondale in 84.
    I felt good about Clinton winning in 92, but not near as sure of it as I do about the Dems winning this one!

  2. My 4th. I was six weeks too young to vote for Dukakis in 1988. This one seems pretty important.
    I’m actually testing comments here. I think that someone blacklisted my blog on Moveable Type, so I want to be sure I can still comment.

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