election day narrative

Do we talk about our voting experience? Not usually.

Up at 5:30 (“twirly,” indeed), downing caffeine at 5:40, out the door at 6:00, in line at 6:05 or so, back home at 6:20. There were about 25 people in line when we arrived and about 50 when we left 10 minutes later. One line was for A-L, the other for M-Z. Six people sat behind the table. One person checked ID, called out the names, initialed next to each voter’s entry on the printed list. Another person also initialed, and then I initialed and signed my name. Another person (an “observer”? I should have asked) wrote down each name on a pad of paper.

They handed me a paper ballot, and I had to wait a minute or two until one of the ten booths opened up. The booths are very small and do not have a curtain, just raised sides. I slid the punch card (technology almost as old as our nation itself) into the slot and used the small metal punch. After making my selections, I returned the ballot to the presiding election official, who tore off the top portion before handing me the remainder, which I dropped through the slot in a locked metal box. As we left, a young guy in a full-on “Uncle Sam” costume arrived to take his turn.

Random voter: Is this your first time voting?
Uncle Sam: Yes
Random voter: Awesome.

I didn’t wear a black hoodie (somewhere in the laundry circuit), but L did.

Today I have reading to do, grading, a couple of meetings, and a funeral. Tonight I’ll be following the news and perhaps participating in the RIT-IT election night party. My gut feeling is that we won’t have a decisive winner for awhile. I hope I’m wrong.


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  2. I don’t have a black hoodie, but almost feel obligated to buy one just for the election. Of course, it’s too hot here in Georgia. Thanks for the narrative.

  3. I had practically the exact same experience (sans Uncle Sam) with the exception of this request: “Will you check for any hanging chads, please?”

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