dealing with writer’s block

Hack your way out of writer’s block,” at 43 Folders. I think my favorite is “Talk to a monkey – Explain what youíre really trying to say to a stuffed animal or cardboard cutout.” In general, I subscribe to the “Write for 10 minutes no matter what” technique. A good way to start the day with a strong cup of coffee.

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3 thoughts on “dealing with writer’s block

  1. Yeah, I use the 10 minute approach too. I thought blogging might help. Well, blogging does convince me that I don’t have writer’s block per se, but actually it does little unblock my academic writing. Even the 10 minute approach doesn’t really work for that.

  2. Writer’s block

    Many of you have probably seen this, because I found it via george h. williams and lots of you probably already read his blog, but for those of you who haven’t/don’t, I had to post this, because I liked it

  3. I think blogging would help with our “this is going to some day be published” writing if we had a large audience of readers who were in the same field (and if blogging software was designed to facilitate rewriting, making visible over time the changes and additions made to a piece of writing).
    However, blogging is also an end itself, rather than a means to an end, though I realize that such differentiations depend on how one actually goes about doing it.
    Much of what I write on my blog already is “academic writing,” although obviously much of it is not.

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