rebooting palimpsest

All previous Palimpsest posts have been imported right here.

I’m working on getting this site going again. Maybe it will be back up on the CHLT server, and maybe it will be somewhere else. I’m doing a test run of TypePad.

The downside of TypePad is this: in order to have multiple authors, you need to get the “pro” account, which costs $14.95 a month. If I could get 11 participants to each pay $14.95 along with me, then we’d have a year of edu-blogging ready to go. What do you say? Alternately, do any of you know of other hosting solutions that would be cheaper?

Regardless of where Palimpsest ends up, I hereby solicity additional participants. It does not matter how experienced a teacher you are. It does not matter if this is your first semester teaching as a grad student, or your 30th semester teaching as a full professor. Let me know if you’re interested.

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7 thoughts on “rebooting palimpsest

  1. George –
    Since I haven’t tried Typepad myself, I’m not sure what the advantages are over MT 2.6 or 3.01, but my impression is that Typepad is more for folks who do not have the experience to install and maintain MT on their own servers. Right now, wordherders’ host charges around 12 bucks a month and I have seen less costly hosting solutions in other places (mainly, I haven’t moved because those cheaper plans tend to limit subdomains and MySQL accounts, which would drive the price back up because of how I’ve set wordherders up).
    Point being, you could probably find a cheaper hosting solution than $15/month, though if you wanted MT 3.01, you would of course have to pay for the software (as opposed to 2.6). The personal edition is $100 for unlimited authors/blogs. I haven’t spent a lot of time looking at the educational pricing.
    For hosting prices, check out:

  2. I think getting hosting is better value than Typepad (you then have the space for web stuff other than a blog, if you need it…) – but you do need to make sure the hosting will support MySQL (I like my host a lot, but it’s based in the UK so I won’t suggest it to you). Secondly, re blogging software I’m going to plug WordPress – because it’s free and it’s rather cool, it’s not hard to install, the support is excellent, and I’m pretty sure you can have as many authors as you want…

  3. Sure thing, Kari!
    Anyone who is interested in participating should just email me at my wordherders address with your preferred username and password.

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