universal theory

Don’t read this autobiographically, dear reader, but I’ve been wondering (based on a number of conversations with others recently) if there might be a universal theory of calling it quits. How can you tell when it’s time to…

  • …end a bad romantic relationship?
  • …give up on a creative project?
  • …toss an intellectual project in the dustbin?
  • …stop taking your drunk relative’s calls?
  • …leave an unsatisfying job?
  • …cease trying to rehabilate an unproductive bunch of students?

Or do you take Winston Churchill’s words to heart and never give up?

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4 thoughts on “universal theory

  1. There was a very interesting exhibit at the Museum of Jurassic Technology some years ago on the anatomy of memory. Utter bollocks, as the exhibits there tend to be, but completely fascinating. The museum is currently the only thing short of my significant other’s inexplicable presence there that could persuade me to return to Los Angeles.
    (Information about the exhibit can be found here: http://www.mjt.org/exhibits/delson/delson.html. While I understand this is at best a tangent to your question, it is interesting.)

  2. Yeah, seems to me that maybe the river Lethe was one of those that separated Hades from our world, and it wiped your memory if you drank from it…
    I was going to say that I didn’t remember for sure, but that’d be a little too cutesy…

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