max (1986-2004)

Maybe it’s silly to get so upset over the death of a cat. But this one was around for eighteen years, which is very close to half my life. He had a good last day today.

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20 thoughts on “max (1986-2004)

  1. I’m so very sorry. It’s not silly at all. I still miss the cat I grew up with, who also lived to the age of 18, went blind at the end, and had long fur. Your mentions of your cat have reminded me of her.
    I’m glad he had a good last day. I’m sorry for your loss.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about Max. I second that: that’s not silly in any way. I hope the memories of the 18 years you had with him help you through the sorrow.

  3. Oh, G. I’m so sorry. Cats are such a *constant* presence, which makes their absence really hard to take. Take care of yourself…

  4. i truly understand. my little man-cat was, despite his bitiness, my world.
    i have had quite enough of loss for today, and i am very sorry to hear of yours.

  5. Condolences. I adopted two kittens as I started grad school, never having had cats only dogs, so I had no idea how long they lived. When my gf told me they could live 15+ years, I wondered how I would be able to handle it when they died. They’re both with us still but they’re what? ten years old, and it’s very hard to imagine the house without them, even if they do rip up furniture periodically. So I agree, it’s not at all silly to grieve over this loss.

  6. So sorry about Max, G. In my family we had Paws until the ripe old age of 20, and he was the dearest, sweetest companion. Cats are stereotypically aloof, but Paws–especially in his later years–was slavishly affectionate. I know what that ache feels like.

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