stick a fork in it…

…2004 is over.

I don’t care what the calendar says. Today (=yesterday) was winter solstice, the first day of the coldest season of the year, the day with the least amount of light. We can only look forward to more and more sun from now on.

I am thankful for my friends and family, my health, and the smart and generous people I work with. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that some frustrating shit happened this year. In fact, I could have done without a lot of things that have happened over the last five years or more.

It looks already like 2005 has a chance to be a much better year. I’ll be teaching two interesting classes (English 225 and English 550) during the first semester; the courses meet in the afternoon and evening, and I very much prefer to teach later in the day, rather than the morning. Whether or not I get any of the grants I’ve applied for, I’ve decided to spend several weeks in England this summer, with any luck knocking out all of the remaining research to be done. In the fall I’ll be on leave from teaching, during which time I will be able to focus on finishing my book.

But if 2005 sucks, I will be asking for my money back.

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3 thoughts on “stick a fork in it…

  1. I used to request 8 a.m. fall classes. I’m a morning person. But the real reason was I enjoyed being the students’ first experience of college ;-)

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