mla bloggers: today @ 4:00, entrance to book exhibit

Four or five of us plan to meet at 4:00 today (December 29) at the entrance to the book exhibit here at the annual meeting of the Modern Language Association. Be there or be square.

By the way, weird comment spam problems continue here on Wordherders. I have temporarily changed the settings on this blog’s comments so that you need to sign in to TypeKey in order to leave a comment. I anticipate being able to change back to open but moderated comments in the very near future.

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4 thoughts on “mla bloggers: today @ 4:00, entrance to book exhibit

  1. Don’t Need No Credit Card to Ride This Train

    The World At Large Today Tru dis. By leaps and bounds didjer brainbow grow. GHW’s at the annual MLA convention. I first wish him luck. I second wish that he brings back some swell photos of all those crazy English…

  2. and we’re off!

    Thankfully, it looks like my Grandmother has perked up a bit and is supposed to be moved to a private room today. So it looks like the trip to Paris is on! We’re packed and just about ready to walk…

  3. Front Page News

    Well, the MLA blogger meet-up made front page news–at the new Inside Higher Ed, published by Scott Jaschik (formerly of the Chronicle). The article (actually the F2F discussion that produced it) spurs me to say a little more about my

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