“zombie does get angry sometimes”

We’re heading home today, and I’ll post more when I get there. For now, dear reader, you might like to read this article, by Scott Jaschik of the new Inside Higher Ed, on last night’s blogger meetup.

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2 thoughts on ““zombie does get angry sometimes”

  1. Happy New Year, Anyways: Tsunami and MLA

    At MLA, I spent a lot of time late at night in my hotel room just watching footage of the devastation in South Asia. I was initially angry that this could have happened in an era of immediate global communications

  2. Wordherders in the News

    Inside Higher Ed’s Scott Jaschik sat in on the blogger get-together at the MLA conference last week and quoted a number of Wordherders in his article Bloggers in the Flesh. Wordherder quotes came from Matt K., dave(e), Chuck, and Zombie;…

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