stranger than fiction

Reality television continues to astound me:

  • Having met on the set of American series The Surreal Life, Brigitte Nielsen and Flavor Flav are now romantically involved and have their own reality show, which starts tonight on VH-1. [NY Times story]
  • Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, Germaine freakin’ Greer is on the latest season of Britain’s Celebrity Big Brother, which also features Nielsen. [Guardian story]
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4 thoughts on “stranger than fiction

  1. Reality TV continues to astound me, too. I’m planning to blog the Times story, too, but I wake up a lot later than you do, apparently.

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  3. Warhol Was Right

    My on-going fascination with reality TV continues. This morning’s New York Times features an article on the upcoming season of The Surreal Life, a show that I used to enjoy watching occasionally on the WB (unfortunately the show will now…

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