temporary limbo

  • Do I owe you a blog entry? Definitely.
  • Do I owe you an email? Probably.
  • Do I owe you revisions on an article? All signs point to yes.

We returned from our sojourns and then entertained houseguests for a few days. So now I really have to hotfoot it to get ready for the semester. In lieu of a real blog entry, here are a few unrelated factoids for your consumption regarding developments Chez Zombie:

  • It appears that whenever someone clicks on one of the ads I now have on my archive pages, 5 cents goes into my account for BlogAid. Keep that in mind, kids.
  • When I mentioned earlier that “[m]y mp3 collection is growing by leaps and bounds,” what I should have said was, “I have acquired more new music in two days than I usually get in a year.”
  • We are making the spare bedroom into a serious, get-work-done office for both of us. Almost there.
  • Now that Max is gone, I plan to start volunteering for Wayside Waifs soon. They had a volunteer orientation scheduled for tonight, but it was cancelled due to all the snow and ice on the roads.
  • The above development means we get to watch the latest (taped) episodes of Lost and Alias tonight.
  • As soon as I get my bedside table and lamp, I’m seriously cutting back on the late-night blog reading. I mean it this time. No, really.
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  1. Runaway Jury

    I’ve just spent the last two days serving on a jury for a civil case, hence the recent blog silence. I actually mildly enjoyed serving, although some of the medical testimony got a bit tedious. Like GHW, I’m in temporary…

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