as marvin gaye sang…

…”What’s goin’ on?”

The blogging has been sort of light here lately, I realize, but I have a perfectly good explanation. I’m just not sure how much of my life I can blog right now. The fact that Somebody got a great job is really good news, but it’s not as good as if the place where I work had seen fit to give Somebody a job. You see, we were hiring in Somebody’s area, and Somebody is eminently qualified for the job: published, grant- and award-winning, networked, and connected. But the job went to another person (who I’m sure will make a wonderful addition to the university). However, now my life has just gotten a lot more complicated, what with the travelling and the two places to live and the long-distance relationship and the video conferencing and…well, you get the idea. It’s hard not to be angry that this decision was made the way it was made. Mostly I’m feeling a complicated mix of emotions that are hard to sort.

People I work with read my blog, and that means that in this situation there are just some things that I cannot write. In fact, much of what I write about my new life might be stuff I’d rather not have associated with my real identity. I’m actually considering closing the chapter on this blog and starting up a new, truly anonymous one. However, doing so would mean that I cannot write about my research or teaching the way I have in the past. So do I maintain two different blogs? That just seems like more trouble than it’s worth.

In short, I’m still here, and I’m still reading blogs, even as I do not comment very much on what y’all are writing.

It’s spring break, by the way, and today we got a little snow. Yippee.

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4 thoughts on “as marvin gaye sang…

  1. I’d vote for two blogs, even if it means publishing on each one less frequently. I enjoy reading about your research even if I don’t often comment on those entries. But I certainly understand the need to talk about the other stuff in a more anonymous way.
    Enjoy the spring break. Ours is still ten days away.

  2. I don’t vote. But I do ask questions. There is a body of blog work available and some of us benefit from reading the archives. For example, Calamity Jane, another Wordherder had a significant hiatus for life reasons which only were disclosed upon a return to entry writing, yet I know that I returned to some of the very substantial postings on ekphraksis to be found on that blog. The “Thanks for not being a Zombie” blog is equally rich. Why not consider inventing a type of entry that points readers to a selection from the archive? Or create a game? For example invite readers to discover when the author of the blog started incorporating audio… where and when the colour “red” is mentioned… which entries contain references to cats….
    Having played an extensive rereading & writing game at Weezblog, I can assure that tripping through the archive can net its own rewards.

  3. Oh, I feel for you and Somebody. Don’t know what to suggest on the blogging front, but if you do start another blog, hope you will let a few people know.

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