monday morning mp3: arcade fire

This is how cool our neighborhood Thai restaurant is: Last week, they were playing the Feelies, and I said, “Hey, is this the Feelies?”, and the waitress said, “Why, yes it is,” and I said, “Can I borrow the CD when it’s done playing? I own this on vinyl, but I don’t have a record player,” and the waitress said, “Sure,” and so I stuck the CD into my laptop and ripped it into iTunes, and then a little while later I burned a copy of the Arcade Fire‘s CD Funeral and gave it to the waitress, and she immediately stuck it into the restaurant’s stereo, and we listed to it while eating tempurah vegetables and pad thai and drinking whiskey. That’s how cool they are.

I believe that you’ll know within the first 15 seconds of the following track if you love this band or not.

Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)” (MP3, 5.7MB)

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4 thoughts on “monday morning mp3: arcade fire

  1. Long time reader…first time poster…and damn, I have to say that my old hometown, KC, has gotten a LOT cooler since I fled it in 1987. Neighborhood Thai restaurants? Restaurants playing the Feelies? And all at once? Guess I should visit the family more often.

  2. Lulu’s! I keep forgetting to go there when I’m looking for something cool and different.
    Just went to Korma Sutra in Westport on Friday – good stuff!
    My son turned me onto Arcade Fire when he was home for winter break. He saw them play in NYC, and David Byrne got on stage and sang with them.

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