can’t start a fire…

…worrying about your little world falling apart.

There’s only so long you can feel stuck, right? On the horizon: international travel, a cross-country move, an uncertain professional future. This morning I feel like I can handle whatever opportunities present themselves, but God knows what I’ll feel like tomorrow.

Apropos of nothing:

  • “In 2004, Missouri ranked 43rd in the nation (behind surrounding states) in appropriations for higher education per $1000 of personal income.”
  • According to a report (PDF, 477K) by the National Association of State Budget Officers, Missouri’s total expenditures for higher education in 2003 were $985,000,000.
  • By comparison, the state we’re moving to spends over four times as much money on higher education with a population that’s just 1.4 times as big and a per capita income slightly lower than Missouri’s.

Consider all of this data, collectively, as Hint #4. No one has even attempted a guess, yet. To review: L got a tenure-track job in a different state; I have a research leave in the fall and will be moving with L; starting in the spring, I will come back to teach my classes. At some point in the hopefully near future, L’s institution might hire me, or my institution might hire L. Your task: guess where we’re moving.

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6 thoughts on “can’t start a fire…

  1. Guessing might be a bit easier for many given an email announcement that went out this morning from the dept. that granted L’s Ph.D! Many of us already knew anyway, though…

  2. Ah, yes. Well, unfortunately, Jarom, you’d all have to consider yourselves disqualified from the competition. Could you be so kind as to forward that message to L? Thanks!
    Note to potential contestants: please show all work in your answers.

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