going out with students…

…from not one, but two Thursday night classes means I come home smelling way more like cigarette smoke than I ever want to again.

Oh, and I know more about nipple piercing among the young folk than I really needed to know. (No, not in the way you’re thinking.)

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4 thoughts on “going out with students…

  1. Were there more drunken students toppling over in chairs?? That was impressive and amusing the one time I was there to see some of it… :^)

  2. Perhaps it’s just my English sensibilities (and the ambiguity to English ears of ‘going out with’) but I’m always a bit wary of socialising with students ‘out of hours’. This is not because of how it might look or that I might reveal something indiscreet about a colleague or that I might get caught in a debate about the relative teaching abilities of members of the department (although those are all possible, I suppose), but rather I feel I ought to maintain a clear boundary between tutor and student – and that the maintenance of that boundary is my responsibility, not the student’s. Perhaps I’m being overly cautious? Or perhaps there are other strategies – whether inside or outside the classroom – that can maintain such a boundary without forgoing such social events…? (Incidentally, for reasons I’m not altogether clear on, I make a distinction between undergraduate and postgraduate students – I have much fewer qualms socialising with the latter…)

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