existential punx

We went to go see John Doe tonight with Jeff and Laurie .

Rock ‘n’ roll, baby.

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3 thoughts on “existential punx

  1. The only things I’ve seen John Doe in were the films “Georgia” with the incomparable Mare Winningham, and “Without You I’m Nothing” with the highly comparable Sandra Bernhart.
    He’s aged. Does he sing well? I don’t remember him leaving me speechless in either film…

  2. Citrus, John Doe is more well known as a musician than as an actor. I don’t think he’s ever won much acclaim for his work in movies.
    Amber, he’s really not touring much at all right now, as far as I can tell. This was a very small gig, and he hung around afterwards to talk with fans and sign autographs.
    Jeff took pix, and if he sends them to me, I’ll post ‘me.

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