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For Women in Sciences, Slow Progress in Academia” (Sara Rimer, NYT):

Even as the number of women earning Ph.D.’s in science has substantially increased – women now account for 45 percent to 50 percent of the biology doctorates, and 33 percent of those in chemistry – the science and engineering faculties of elite research universities remain overwhelmingly male. And the majority of the women are clustered at the junior faculty rank.

Pop quiz, class. Complete these sentences:

  1. Women are underrepresented in academia because…
  2. Conservatives are underrepresented in academia because…
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9 thoughts on “women in science

  1. Kind of makes you wonder why the cry for “intellectual diversity” at colleges and universities has been directed at the humanities and social sciences, but not the sciences.
    Also, why attempts to set up an “Academic Bill of Right” (in Florida, for example) are (again!) not worried about the sciences. From Florida HB 837, Section 1004.09(1): “In the humanities, the social sciences, and the arts, the fostering of a plurality of serious scholarly methodologies and perspectives should be a significant institutional purpose.”
    But it would be WRONG to do that in the sciences ,,, so, don’t hire too many chicks!

  2. I can’t resist saying that I take particular pleasure in this thread because my sister-in-law is one of the female scholars interviewed in the article, where she talks about how crucial the (very few) female role models she had were. What’s amazing to me is how much my sister-in-law is constantly aware of herself as a female role model, and how much extra pressure she puts on herself because of it.
    Very nice thread.

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