dreaming my dreams of you

Me, having just woken up: I dreamed I was asked to join the Grateful Dead.*
L: You have much more exciting dreams than I do. I dreamed you did all the grocery shopping.

* First, I don’t really like the Grateful Dead very much. Second, this is a kind of dream I have fairly often, although less so in recent years. Third, I wasn’t anxious about joining the band; I was actually a very good guitarist.

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4 thoughts on “dreaming my dreams of you

  1. Strange. I had a dream last night/ this morning that I was riding around with 50 Cent (no joke). And I don’t even listen to 50 Cent. And, no, I don’t have this kind of dream that often. And, yes, I do do all the shopping for my wife.

  2. Read a great new (well, newly published in English) comic by David H.- about dreams and the past. Published by http://www.drawnandquarterly.com
    On a different note (we met last year in Lyon, George). Saw Brigham Young’s house yesterday, on a country walk near Maxstoke village. Lovely.

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