it’s funny because it’s…no, it’s not really funny

An entry from Kansas City Soil on local high school kids attempting to establish a student government:

Geoffery annd Leodis, and a couple of other kids, have been making some real progress. They’ve even come up with a preamble, which they submitted to the school’s vice principal for approval. The text includes the word “totalitarian” — as in “the totalitarian school administration” — and when the vice principal saw this she demanded to know what it meant.

“Totalitarian,” Geoffery replied, kind of shoocked. “You know, like total control.”

Apparently, the VP didn’t believe him. Or whatever. I’m not reallly sure. All I know is that she went to her office and looked the word up. And the next day, she demanded that the word be removed from the preamble.

I’m not sure if I need to offer more analysis here to convey the many levels of irony.

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