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Our HP Laserjet 1000 is incompatible with our Powerbooks, though it works with our creaky old Gateway that may not be long for this world. It’s a great and reliable little printer. Does anyone in Kansas City want to buy it?

What recommendations do you, dear reader, have for a new printer that works with Apple computers? Something with Bluetooth capability, perhaps? Or does that add too much to the cost?

Update: What about the HP PSC 1610 All-in-One? Only $129 and it prints, copies, and scans, though it has no built-in wireless. Is buying an “all-in-one” asking for trouble?

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4 thoughts on “printer: for sale / want to buy

  1. We have a lower-grade all-in-one HP printer (1200 series), and it has worked pretty well. I don’t scan or fax very often, but it’s convenient to have the ability to do it sometimes.
    The one problem I have is with printing in color. After about six months, it stopped handling glossy paper correctly.
    The 1610 may be more durable, however. Also, you may not care as much about printing color photos.

  2. Thanks, Amardeep. Yeah, I’m not that interested in printing in color, but so many of the printers come with that ability.
    On the other hand, I have just installed this driver, and it seems to allow me to print from the Powerbook to the HP Laserjet 1000.

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