cranky zombie

Although this post will be about a few things that irritate me while working in the BL, I do want to emphasize that being here is a 99% positive experience. But can’t people keep it down?

  • To “Mr. Clicky,” who keeps pressing the mouse button to move down the long web page he’s reading … click … click … click … click click click click click click clickclickclick … Dude, notice that thing in the middle of the mouse? It’s called a scroll wheel. Look into it.
  • To “Mr. Smacky,” who randomly smacks his lips while reading his Derrida…*smack*…(long silence)…*smack*…Need a drink of water? The fountains are right over there.
  • To the two-fingered typists who apparently feel that they must really! hit! those! keys! as they type–take it easy. Your keyboard will last longer.
  • To the chronic coughers, ask Mr. Smacky where the water fountains are or buy some cough drops in the cafe.
  • To the woman who has somehow managed to make turning pages a very loud activity…take it easy. The books will last longer.
  • To the people whose computers keep announcing their every “save,” “open,” “restore,” and “error” with a different cartoonish sound…it’s called a mute button. Look into it.
  • And to the 99% of you who do conduct your research quietly…it’s a pleasure to be in the room with you.

“Zombie does get cranky sometimes.”

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4 thoughts on “cranky zombie

  1. Amen, brother.
    And those people who haven’t worked out a) how to turn down the volume dial and b) how to turn off the Windows startup “tune” yet?
    And the ones who may well have been regimental sergeant majors before they retired and genuinely don’t seem to know just how loud (not to say booming) their normal speaking voice really is? (But perhaps you only get this in archives, where you get lots of posh upper-middle class retired people researching their family histories…)

  2. You forgot the Heavy Breather. He was sitting next to me all morning, so you probably didn’t hear him from wherever you were. Then again, you might have and just thought it was the HVAC system.
    And in a different category, how about the door guard who reads your notes, esp. the ones you rather he didn’t?

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