jet lag is a funny thing

Twelve hours of sleep engulfed me last night after a measly five made a brief visit the night before. At 9:00 p.m. the sky is brighter than a boy visiting from Kansas City would expect, and at 3:45 in the morning the first hints of dawn are visible. Yesterday was a better day than the day before, but the time change still makes its presence known. I’m getting a later start today than I’d like, but I’m willing to cut myself some slack in the first couple of days, when my body and brain are still confused as to where in the world I am.

You can reach me in my room, where I’ll be in the evenings, via telephone at 020 7837 8888 x2521, but you’re on your own when it comes to negotiating the country codes and such. Remember that I’m five hours ahead of the East Coast and six ahead of the Midwest. Those of you in the UK and on the continent don’t have much to worry about in that area, of course.

And I’m off to the library.

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4 thoughts on “jet lag is a funny thing

  1. If you’re calling from the US, it’s
    011 44 20 7837 8888 x2521
    And if you dial 101-6400 just before that number (101 6400 011 44 20 7837 8888 x2521…wow that’s a lot of numbers), it makes the call much cheaper…it costs less for me to call my prof in England than it does for me to call my friend who lives at the other end of the state!
    Hope you’re having fun…
    Adjunct Kait

  2. Yeah, the jeglag thing is funny, isn’t it? I was waking up at 4-5 am in Asia, so unlike my 10-11 am at home. But it also got light much earlier than I’m used to there. We finally closed the curtains tight one evening and managed to sleep until 7 the next morning.

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