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Just a quick note here, dear reader, as I’m grabbing some free WiFi in a dining hall with an etiquette notice forbidding the use of laptops. My flight over was fine, and I managed to put in a brief appearance yesterday at the British Library, even though my lack of sleep made me feel like a real zombie, not just the Internet kind. As fate would have it, I encountered a former student who is now finishing up his PhD in English. I last saw him when he was a freshman in one of my sections of intro to British literature at the University of Maryland. Time flies!

I’m looking at British evangelical periodicals at the BL, and I may have more to say about the fruits of my research in the coming days. Or I may keep it to myself until print publication. What’s interesting is that I’m seeing the same names involved in these publishing ventures crop up again and again.

There’s also a thread I want to follow involving the controversy surrounding the claim of a publisher that a certain set of printed sermons represent the authentic words of a particular preacher who, conveniently enough for the publisher, happened to be dead at the time of publication. The sermons were purportedly taken down in shorthand by an audience member, then transcribed, then printed. This is one of those threads you don’t expect to find, but that you are obliged to follow once you do. You know me: I’m a sucker for the whole “speech-script-print” thing

Oh, and I bought a surprisingly affordable CD-ROM of “the worldís earliest complete survival of a dated printed book.”

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