amusing and yet oddly arousing

“We have so many problems in our country that deciding whether you take off your top or wear a thong is so trivial,” said Monique Ferrero, a 42-year-old government employee whose bikini bottom was rolled to show off her buttocks. “What’s more important is that people who have to work all summer have a place to sunbathe and feel like they’re on vacation. If it’s forbidden to be bare, I don’t care.”

Things I learned by reading this story:

  • Paris has a man-made beach along the Seine. (It didn’t have one the last time I was there, which was a long time ago.)
  • You will be fined if you wear a thong or bare your (female) breasts at this beach.
  • There are 42-year-old, politically minded Parisian women who will adjust their bikini bottoms to show off their…uh, bottoms.

Don’t ask me why, but this story has been stuck in my head for the last day or so.

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4 thoughts on “amusing and yet oddly arousing

  1. I don’t think 2002 was the first year they did this, despite what the article says. Perhaps before that the Paris-Plage was more modest, but I certainly recall seeing it in 1997.

  2. The beach referred to in the story–the “paris-plage”–is an entirely new thing in the past couple years that happens for a couple weeks in July. They, apparently at the intitiation of the Mayor of Paris, cart in tons of sand and create a beach. I just learned all of this in Paris earlier in the month. It seems to fun.

    Apparently, though, the modesty guidelines only apply to the artificial beach, not to the Seine banks the rest of the year. I certainly saw women sunning without tops and “rolled” suits when I dropped down from the Ile d’Cite bankside to the Seine for a walk along the river.

    Funny contradiction, isn’t it.

  3. My walks along said banks in the 80’s and early 90’s are remembered for the men’s penis pouchs as much as the ladies rolled suits and bare breasts.
    Put a sock in it had become put it in a sock.

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