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Hey, y’all. Just a quick, weekend note regarding some Cat Power tour dates that I just found out about. They look a little somethin’ like this:

08-05 Urbino, Italy – Frequenze Disturbate
08-12 St. Malo, France – Route De Rock Festival
09-10 New York, NY – Irving Plaza (early show) *
09-10 New York, NY – Irving Plaza (late show) *
09-12 Atlanta, GA – Variety Playhouse *
09-13 Chicago, IL – Vic Theatre *
09-15 Austin, TX – Austin City Limits Festival *
09-16 Dallas, TX – Gypsy Ballroom *
09-17 Austin, TX – Stubb’s BBQ *
11-01 London, England – Roundhouse
11-03 Amsterdam, Netherlands – Paradiso
11-04 Brussels, Belgium – Ancienne Belgique
11-09 New York, NY – Avery Fisher Hall (The Music of Bob Dylan)

* with the Memphis Rhythm Band.

I’ve already bought my tickets for Atlanta’s Variety Playhouse, using their Ticket Club to bypass Ticketmaster’s odious extra fees. Is anyone else in the Atlanta area planning on going? (Scrivener, I’m looking in your direction.)

I’ve tagged a few Cat Power things, for those who are interested.

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9 thoughts on “cat power dates

  1. Have you seen her before?

    I know she’s variable, but I always seem to be at the worst shows, the ones where she freaks out 20 minutes in and leaves. Maybe it’s me.

  2. I’m not sure. I’d like to go, but I’m only a casual Cat Power fan–I mean, I like her stuff, I just haven’t gotten sumberged in her music, yet. But knowing you’re going to be there bumps up my interest quite a bit. I’ll look into tickets. Thanks for the headsup.

  3. Her last two albums are fantastic, Scrivener. I believe you can listen to the entire new one on her website.

    Meg, she definitely has that reputation, but check out this NYT review of one of the shows on her current tour. Things appear to have really turned around for her, and there’s a similar review of a recent show over at PitchforkMedia’s website somewhere.

  4. I saw her at McCabe’s on thursday (27 july), and while she didn’t run off mid-set, she also didn’t play much — four or five songs, and the rest was weird OCD chatter. So just be prepared.

  5. Yeah, she was solo. In at least one show I’ve seen, other people on stage have contributed to her loss of shit, but it sounds like she’s getting better.

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