spring break in new orleans

I have just the inkling of an idea to go to New Orleans over Spring Break to gut (or build) houses, or to help out in other ways. Students, perhaps, could even go along as part of an “alternative spring break.”

Does anyone have any advice or experience regarding such things?

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7 thoughts on “spring break in new orleans

  1. Thanks, KF!

    Jo(e), my inclination is to look first into what Habitat is doing in NOLA, since I have some experience working with them. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. george, a similar project was organized last spring break (2006) at university of washington. i tried to search through the student newspaper but couldn’t find it. if you are super interested, i believe i know one of the students who did it – say the word and i’ll introduce you to him via email.

  3. Center for Poverty and Work at UNC (the one founded and chaired by John Edwards) sent several groups of students to NoLa over the past few months. I am sure they will keep doing it.

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