i’m off to raleigh

Chuck and I are going to see Jeff Tweedy perform solo tonight. The last time I saw him perform (with Wilco in Manchester, England), he tossed a pick in my direction from the stage and then called me a “punter.”

In the following quote, Tweedy’s talking about music, but I think what he says applies to relationships of all kinds.

It’s so prevalent in a lot of people’s lives — this idea that it’s so hard to let go of anything, to the point where people just die…Neither person is doing anyone else a favor by staying together…There’s no reason whatsoever to keep it together if it’s not fun….You should be happy.

Tweedy’s Ghost Stories,” by Mark Binelli
(Rolling Stone Magazine)

So here’s to letting go, having fun, and being happy…

Update: Look! It’s Jeff Tweedy! (He didn’t look this small in real life.)

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8 thoughts on “i’m off to raleigh

  1. Letting go of a relationship can be such a positive and loving gesture to the universe. It’s hard every single time, but I like thinking of it as a gesture of love instead of a failure or a loss.

  2. Man, I’m so jealous!

    And after looking at some of your other pictures, I have to say, I like the natural hair! I liked the cropped and color version, too, but you have nice hair, so it deserves some showing off in its natural state.

  3. So it was a good show, huh? I’ve seen Wilco a number of times, and I’ve got bootlegs of a couple of Tweedy’s solo shows, but I really wish I could’ve been there.

  4. Tweedy is too cool. We saw Wilco in a tiny, stripmall club in Burlington (max capacity, 300 or so) when Wilco was still shopping YHF around to record companies. Best show I’ve ever seen.

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