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  • Dooce and family are in San Francisco, and Leta’s rocking her awesome footie pajamas. Does anyone know where I might buy some that would fit my 6′ 2″, 175-pound frame?
  • Geeky Mom shares a few interesting thoughts on success in academia.
  • Emily has been reading Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking, and finds herself thinking about fear, imagination, and the life of the writer.
  • I dreamed about the beautiful Weez and her beautiful family last night. Sometimes I wish I lived in Rochester.
  • North Carolina’s Sparklehorse (aka Mark Linkous) has a new album out and is touring…Europe. Well, he was in Asheville recently, but I didn’t know.
  • Via SHARP-L, we learn that the 38th Annual College English Association Conference will take place in New Orleans next April. You can submit paper proposals online.
  • Pencil me in, Kansas City, ’cause I’m coming for a few days. One of my former PhD students is taking her oral exams, and a couple of friends are getting hitched.
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