femme at work

Dr. B. is working on coming out to her parents as a married woman with a boyfriend.

I’m working on coming out as girly. I mean, I like girls, but I’m kinda girly. In my experience, there are girls who like boys who find me attractive. There are boys who like boys who find me attractive. And there are also girls who like girls who find me attractive. The first category of people are the ones I’m most likely to be attracted to myself. The third category of attraction is the one I find most interesting. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens enough for me to notice. I have some girly qualities in my appearance and my behavior. I’m okay with that. My hair’s kind of long, I’m tall and thin, and my body language can be sort of feminine. I’m also over six feet tall, 175 pounds, and I have a relatively deep voice, usually. I know these things don’t sound at all like they go together, but somehow it all works reasonably well.

femme at work

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7 thoughts on “femme at work

  1. Interesting. My tastes run toward the feminine in both men and women, but I married a guy who’s physically a stereotypically ‘manly man’. I still haven’t figured out exactly how that happened, but it works.

  2. you go, boy! ;-)

    it’s amazing how much of ourselves we stuff “in the closet” to try and fit what our little pocket of society expects of us. not just sexuality, but portions of our personality, our beliefs, dreams–big things that make up who we are.

    i’m glad you and others like you have come to sparkle city. i’m glad you’re helping people challenge the ingrained beliefs in this little corner of the world.

  3. You are just so darn adorable everyone loves ya’! And quite frankly, how could they not? He’s girly, he’s boyey, he’s Georgey!

  4. I dig me some girly men, too. But perhaps that’s because I’m a tomboy and a virago. I dunno. My guy is kind of girly, too. He may do woodworking and other flannel-shirted practical-guy things, but his taste in pop culture runs to the incredibly girly (hello?! Beth Orton?! Gilmore Girls?!). So, see, we’re a good girly-boyey match.

    Let’s hear for the (girly) boy!

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