On June 5, 2005, I uploaded this photo (from London, England).

On February 2, 2007, I uploaded this photo (from Asheville, North Carolina).

Your thoughts?

This just in: The London piece appears to be the work of the artist known as Banksy. His balloon girl crops up in a handful of Google Image results. So who’s the Asheville imitator?

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4 thoughts on “stencils

  1. Have you been to the used book store in Asheville? Though I used to go all the time, it’s name escapes me….

    I also used to go to Max’s, a deli on the square.

  2. No, I’ve just been to Asheville twice, and neither time did I spend much time downtown.

    This trip, however, persuaded me that I need to go back for a longer visit.

  3. Hey George, I actually have Banksy’s book – CUT IT OUT. He is pretty much an art star these days.

    The book is cool. It shows a lot of his work and is actually really interesting to read, too. It’s tiny. pocket sized. He put it out himself. I bought it from a press in Great Britian.

    Let me know if you would like to borrow it.


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