Collaborative brainstorming: Teaching Carnival 3.0

If you’ve expressed interest in TC3, then you should have received a message from me that looked a little something like this:

Okay, here we go! Follow this link to share your available dates.

With this blog entry, I’m asking you all to help me brainstorm ways of making TC3 the most valuable resource it can be. Below is a list of my thoughts, some of which are phrased as questions. Your responses and additions will be very helpful:

  1. This project is fundamentally collaborative and open to just about anyone.
  2. This project should have its own website that links to all the individual carnivals as they appear.
  3. The website might also store an archived copy of each of those carnivals.
  4. The website might also be the place where the interviews (see below) are hosted.
  5. The website could provide a forum in which users ask questions of bloggers or seek advice about such things as constructing a syllabus, designing an assignment, or responding to a particular situation in class.
  6. Interviews (or even roundtable discussions) about teaching with well-known and not-so-well-known academics would be great. What’s the best way to go about conducting these? …presenting these?
  7. Should this have a different name, so that it’s taken more seriously by those not already privy to the blogging world? I’m thinking here of such professional entities as committees that make decisions regarding hiring, promotion, & tenure. What would be a more “professional” sounding name?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks!

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One thought on “Collaborative brainstorming: Teaching Carnival 3.0

  1. 2. Re the “have it’s own website” point: I’m thinking pbwiki would be the quick and dirty way to get this together while meeting the “open” and “collaborative” directives. Plus, its plug-in structure would make it easy to drop in videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo or wherever.

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