new blog on remixing culture

Media Trips: “A guide to artists and producers who sample (remix) popculture.” (via Lawrence Lessig)

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my so-called musical life

Thanks to everyone for your input on the past two entries. My career as an amateur musician has memorable peaks:

  • Age 10: Playing banjo, solo, in front of the entire school at a talent show in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.
  • Age 20: Playing guitar in a band in front of a crowd of drunken sailors from the sixth fleet inside an inactive volcano in Naples, Italy.
  • Age 23: Playing bass in a band in a small club in Nashville, Tennessee.

And now: ephemeraltoybox, which is another kettle of fish altogether.

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…pick a tuning, please.

And head over to Weez’s and offer your thoughts on her questions.

Let’s get this show on the road.

Don’t make me talk about eighteenth-century Methodist sermons…because you know as well as I do that I’m not afraid to do it…

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a call for participation

Weez and I are collaborating on another audio project, and we need your input, dear reader:

  1. How long should the track be? Choose any value between 120 and 300
  2. How should the guitar be tuned? Choose one of the following:
    • E G D G E D
    • G G C G C D
    • C G D G B B
  3. How many guitar tracks should there be? Choose any value betwen 1 and 4.

Pick one question and answer it. First come, first served.

After we have answers to these questions, I will record guitar parts in small
enough chunks that they can be looped and arranged in a variety of ways. Weez will record voice tracks in a similar fashion. Then we will share GarageBand files
of what we’ve recorded and, independently, come up with two final mixes,
arranging the guitar and vocal (and possibly percussion) parts as we see
fit. Two sound files. Many collaborators. Game on.

Update: Weez has posted questions, too.

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game on

Collaboration with Weez. Game on, indeed. Wanna play?

I got home from school, spent an hour with the Telecaster and the Powerbook, and came up with this: 20040929.mp3 (mp3, 2.6M). The GarageBand files are stuffed at this location (3.4M).

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